Willem de Kooning art authentication and appraisal

Willem de Kooning Art Authentication

An abstract, expressionist painter from the Netherlands, Willem de Kooning became an American Master of the 20th Century. Known for his Women series and Action paintings, the demand for his work continues to accelerate. Recently de Kooning’s Woman III sold for $137.5 million, becoming the second most expensive painting ever sold. A de Kooning work could be worth millions, but it is important it be certified by recognized experts as authentic.

Formed in 2002, the de Kooning Experts team of art specialists, appraisers, and researchers has been studying, researching, authenticating and appraising his works for clients worldwide.

We thoroughly search and document provenance, conduct forensics including fingerprint and handwriting analysis. We utilize x-ray photography, perform scientific material tests, and employ other specialized methodologies necessary to make an exact and supportable determination as to authenticity.

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