Willem de Kooning art authentication and appraisal

de Kooning Residences

1926 Hoboken, New Jersey
1927 Shares studio at West 44th St in Manhattan
1936 Apartment at 143 W. 21st St. in Manhattan
1937 Rents a loft (exact address unknown) on W. 22nd St.
1944 88 4th St., Manhattan
1948 35 E. 8th Street
1949 88 E. 10th Street, Manhattan
1958 831 Broadway, Manhattan
1961 Springs, Long Island, New York at the southern tip of Long Island; 105.7 miles from 831 Broadway
1963 Willem de Kooning’s permanent residence is listed in official county records as Springs, New York
1997 9 March. Willem de Kooning died. Funeral at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, East Hampton

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